B. January 7, 1990

    Phoenix, Arizona

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My body of work consists predominantly of etching, sculpture, writing and sculptural installations. Constructed from natural and organic materials, the various elements, each brimming with symbolism, combine to create a storyline with vague remnants to something familiar. There is a sense of history in my making; memory is used as material. Recognisable symbols from religions, myths and folk tales are glued together and repurposed. The familiarity is attractive and remains playful, but in attempting to unravel the narrative or the various storylines, sinister undertones are unearthed. The dark edge, the uncanny character, is not softened out.


This is partly due to the references of the human body: bodily processes and the function of physical constitution. Approaching the body in its timelessness, perhaps only perception thereof shifting through the ages, its psychological and symbolic content remain layered and vast. This is also where material and concept unite, as in the use of human hair or bone as a material. Materials that recall and reinterpret the Victorian keepsake or the ageless Vanitas to name a few, the associatIons nearly endless.


Within my work, the chosen material and the surrounding symbolism could often be consIdered both sacred and mundane. This duality is at the heart of my practice. It is also this duality that allows one to oscillate between the comfortable and the unnerving, the profound and the comical. You cannot put your finger on it, the works ultimately ask to be approached intuitively. In this way, it is through the imagination that reality is interpreted.


I look to understand the world through my own experience. My work is the result of a personal search; for identity, my relationship to the world, and role within society. Rainer Werner Fassbinder once famously said, “I would like to build a house with my films”. I feel very connected to this idea, that with every piece, more of the world reveals itself. The whole body of work finding deeper complexity, expanding its meaning through time. I myself revel in the mystery of what I am searching for, always excavating deeper impressions of something I can not quite explain.